COVID 19 Updates

Status of Cases in Hamilton | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

April 5, 2022

CUPE Local 5167 continues to follow public health’s directions and proceed with caution.

COVID 19 remains a standing item on the Executive Board Agenda.

The office is open.

The plan to gradually reopen was delayed based on restrictions extending and the omicron variant peaking.

We recognize people will have varying levels of comfort.

We are balancing reopening with gradual steps.

The local has had in person meetings of small groups based on restrictions lifting.

Executive Board is going back to in person for April.

Online meetings for Stewards will be discussed with the group to decide what works, as attendance increased by being online.

GMM was notified it will return to in person for June.

Masks and sanitizer will be provided at the door (or wash hands), however, based on the restrictions it is a choice as we do not fit the businesses still required to wear masks.

We are no longer screening.

Proof of vaccination is not required.

We are continue to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces.


COVID-19 Restrictions | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Reducing COVID-19 risk in community settings: A tool for operators (