Macassa and Wentworth Lodges

Unit Vice President: Sue Lavallee

Collective Agreement: Lodges Collective Agreement Expiry March 31, 2019

Grievance Committee 
Sue Lavallee  – Chairperson

Macassa Lodge:

  • Pam Currie
  • Joyce King
  • Hasan Merdic

Wentworth Lodge:

  • Zofia Barski
  • Lorena Salve
  • Linda Small

What do the CUPE Local 5167 – Unit Lodges Members do?

The City of Hamilton Lodges are non-profit organizations which is operated under the Long Term Care Act.

Macassa Logde is a 270 bed facility.

Wentworth Lodge is a 160 bed facility.

Services Provided (not limited to):

  • Personal Care
  • Medical Care
  • Dietary Care
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Recreational Activities


CUPE Local 5167 – Lodges Unit Campaign: Be Mindful – Take Your Break kicked off at the Lodges this month (March 2018)!

The campaign focuses on people taking their break and being mindful of self-care.

CUPE Local 5167 – Be Mindful – Take Your Break Campaign is looking to provide supports and information about:
• Self Care
• Taking Breaks
• Work Load Issues
• STD/LTD information as per CA
• Changes to the Employment Standards Act (ESA – Bill 148)
• Resources

It is common for people working in health care to take care of everyone around them but forgetting to be mindful of them-selves.

A common response is ‘I can’t take my break, I don’t have time’; we encourage members to talk to Sue (Lodges VP) or a Union Steward and complete a workload form to identify these issues to management.

Talk to your coworkers and share resources!