bylawsBylaws govern the rules and procedures for making decisions, choosing leaders, handling the local’s finances and the business of the local.

The bylaws cover topics like:

    • Principles and objectives
    • Affiliations
    • Executive Board structure and duties
    • Steward duties
    • Elections, voting and ratification
    • Financial concerns: voting on funds, dues and the defense fun
    • Committees

Click here to view the bylaws: CUPE Local 5167 Bylaws May 2017

Bylaw Committee

Jodi Coville, Executive Administrator, Chair

Sandra  Walker, President

Bruce Davis, Airport Vice President

Tracey St. Aubin, City Inside Vice President

Barry Conway, City Outside Vice President

Peter Grove, DARTS Vice President

Paula Masys-Pollock, GSWS Vice President

Sue Lavallee, Lodges Vice President

Brian Forester, RBG Vice President

Marie Cantwell, SMH Vice President