CUPE Local 5167 Equity Committee Vision  

To protect the rights of our Members, engage participation from equality-seeking groups and ensure they are being given equal opportunity in their working lives.

CUPE Local 5167 hopes to foster collaborative relationships with other equality seeking groups within CUPE and other unions.  Together we hope to fortify our solidarity and build momentum to give voice to Women’s issues and bring about change.

As is true of all others, our union is only as strong as our membership.  As such we are committed to educating and empowering Members

Equity Committee

  • Loretta Marshall, Equity Vice President, Chair
  • Rose MacGowan, City Inside Unit
  • Saeed Hassan, City Outside Unit
  • Monica Galarneau, DARTS Unit
  • Paula Masys-Pollock, GSWS Unit
  • Lorena Salve, Lodges Unit
  • Anne Abram,  RBG Unit
  • Sarah Forde, SMH Unit
  • Luisa Smith, Member

CUPE Ontario Bio

The Human Rights Committee has a broad mandate in that it tackles minority and Aboriginal issues, as well as homophobia, issues affecting persons with disabilities and women’s issues.

CUPE Equality has a new resource for locals advocating for healthy, safe and respectful workplaces. Stop Harassment: A guide for CUPE locals is a 14-page kit for local union stewards, officers and other activists. It covers:

  • The definition of harassment.
  • The effects of harassment.
  • An overview of workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities.
  • How the union can challenge harassment and support members.
  • A checklist for anti-harassment policies and collective agreement language.