Attention Lodges Unit Members!


Retro Payments from Interest Arbitration

Salaried Employees: wage adjustments were made on November 21 and retro payments will be calculated and paid on December 19

Hourly Paid Employees: will be made on November 28 and retro payments will be calculated and paid on December 24

Attention Ontario Works CUPE Local 5167 Members


We know that the rollout of SAMS is not going as well as everyone could have hoped.  We have heard from many of you about the stress you’ve been under trying to provide financial assistance to Hamilton’s most vunerable residents.  We know first hand that delivery of financial assistance in a timely manner is every OW Staff’s goal.  We have heard stories of your frustrations about the fact that SAMS simply isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.  CUPE as a whole has expressed concerns to the province over SAMS in regards to its lack of functionality, complicated nature and lack of readiness for rollout.

We are visiting OW Locations to drop off a flyer asking those working in OW to complete a short survey for CUPE.  CUPE will use that information in their communications with the Province.  They are lots of CUPE Locals with lots of CUPE Members working in SAMS across the Province expressing the same concerns we hear in Hamilton.

I just wanted to let you know that we have been talking to Hamilton OW Management about the EXTREME stress that SAMS has been putting everyone under.  We hope that the Province can solve these problems quickly or find an alternative to the current system.

Please continue to share your SAMS issues with with your Champions, Team Leads and Management.  We will continue to share your concerns with Management.

Help CUPE help you… please take some time to fill out this short survey to assist CUPE in gathering data about SAMS.

Do not fill out during work time or on work computers unless you have permission from Management.

In solidarity,

Sandra Walker, President CUPE Local 5167

Stop Private Clinics Rally!

We need your voice at a mass rally to stop private clinics, Nov. 21

This Friday, get on a bus to join an important mass rally at Queen’s Park! Join CUPE members from across the province, including CUPE members who are part of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU), the Ontario Health Coalition and community groups to lend your voice to stop private clinics. Ontario’s government is forging ahead with the most aggressive plan ever to dismantle local community hospitals and contract out important services we rely on.

What: Mass rally at Queen’s Park to stop private clinics

When: Friday, November, 21 at Noon

Where: Queen’s Park, Toronto

Attention City Employees – Code of Conduct

On Wednesday November 5th, we met with the City to discuss the Code of Conduct.

Supervisors and Managers have been asking 5167 Members to sign the Code of Conduct as a result of a directive received from Council.

In our conversations with the Human Resources Department, we have confirmed that signing the Code of Conduct is NOT mandatory and that refusal to sign will NOT result in discipline.

They are going to consider improvements to the way the information is delivered to ensure consistent messaging.

If you require further information please contact your Unit VP. 

In solidarity,

Sandra Walker, President CUPE Local 5167