Sanctuary City Rally April 1st at 4pm outside the Federal Building

The Hamilton Sanctuary City Coalition (HSCC) is made up of Hamiltonians (both individual community members and representatives of community agencies) who want to help ensure that this city can be a home and a place of solidarity for everyone living here, whatever our citizenship or immigration status.

Sanctuary City is planning a rally on April 1st at 4pm in front of the Federal Building (55 Bay St N) in support of the no 4 and 4 campaign.

This is working to stop the mass deportation of thousands of migrant workers this year. This campaign has been endorsed by CUPE national, who posted an excellent fact sheet on the issue today…

Sanctuary City Hamilton Team would appreciate it if you would be able to share the information with you colleagues and encourage them to let their their locals know about and attend the rally on the 1st the info can be found here

Sincerely and In Solidarity,
Blake McCall
Sanctuary City Hamilton Team
Phone: 905-527-4572 x 23


WAHC Trivia Night – Thursday, April 23

Dear WAHC friends and supporters,

On Thursday, April 23rd, WAHC is launching our first Trivia Night at Steel Lounge – put together a team or come out to cheer on one of the teams already signed up – see you there!

The WAHC Youth and Work Summit is only a few weeks away on April 11th — help us spread the word to engaged youth in the Hamilton area and, WAHC members, mark your calendar for WAHC’s AGM on Saturday, April 25th from 1pm to 3pm.

Thanks to all of the kids, parents, artists, and March Break staff for a great week – we had an amazing time exploring printed matters – we hope to see you all again soon!

And, after 6 exciting years as Program Coordinator, Andrew Lochhead will be leaving WAHC this Friday, pursuing new opportunities and adventures – he will be missed!

– The WAHC Staff


Earlier this year CUPE 5167 members in the City unit received a notice from the Employer outlining cuts to the benefits plan effective April 1, 2015. These changes are related to a claim made by the Employer as part of the bargaining process. The Employer has said that because certain items covered by the benefits plan are not listed in Appendix E of the Collective Agreement that at the end of this agreement they are no longer required to provide them. This is called an estoppel notice.

The notice does not mean that the decision is final – the Union has an opportunity to address the issue in bargaining – and we have made clear that we do not agree with these changes. We have also been clear that the changes cannot take effect until the conclusion of bargaining – regardless of the Employer’s April 1st deadline.

We have every hope that we will be able to address the issue at the bargaining table, but to be absolutely safe we recommend that members make use of the coverage for these items prior to April 1st as much as possible.

We have heard from a number of members who are impacted by these proposed changes – and it would be helpful to hear from any other individuals impacted.

If you use any of the services or products identified in the Employer’s letter please contact the office and let us know at or 905-522-0917.

City Bargaining Support Team


Estoppel List: C51 – CUPE Local 5167 (I/O)


  1. Voluntary Generic Drug Plan (Collective Agreement indicates a Mandatory Generic Drug Plan)
  2. Anti-smoking drugs
  3. Anti-obesity drugs
  4. Fertility drugs
  5. Oral contraceptives

Other Extended Health Care Items

  1. Elective laser vision correction procedures
  2. Hospital bed repairs
  3. Apnea monitor
  4. Aero chamber
  5.  Compressors
  6. Nebulizers
  7. CPAP machines
  8. Diabetic equipment
  9.  Stump sock
  10.  Repairs to prosthetic appliances
  11.  Surgical stockings to a maximum of 6 repairs per year
  12. Surgical brassieres
  13.  Lymphedema sleeves/compression sleeves with a mean compression factor of 20mmHG, up to a maximum of 2 sleeves per body part per calendar year
  14.  Incontinence supplies
  15.  Wigs and hairpieces to lifetime maximum of $1500.00
  16.  Tracheotomy supplies

ATTENTION RBG 5167 Members


We are pleased to report that the RBG Bargaining Support Team has held our 1st meeting. Out team will be reaching out to each bargaining unit member to discuss support to our negotiation committee.

Our team will distribute information members regarding strike aversion and preparation.

If you are interested in participating on the RBG BARGAINING SUPPORT TEAM please contact the team by emailing:  or phone the office at (905) 522-0917.

Ken Bottrell



City Bargaining Support Committee

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 5:00pm at the Union Hall, 818 King St E.

Types of Activities Team Members would participate in:

  • Help distribute information to members
  • Strike Aversion / Preparation
  • Participate in information pickets
  •  Rallies and demonstrations

If you interested in participating on the Bargaining Support Team,
please contact the team by email at
or phone the office at 905-522-0917.

Loretta Marshall

Bargaining Support Committee Chair