Attention City of Hamilton Employees – Code of Conduct


On Wednesday November 5th, 5167 officers will be meeting with the City to discuss the Code of Conduct.

Supervisors and Managers have been asking 5167 Members to sign the Code of Conduct as a result of a directive received from Council.

In our conversations with the Human Resources Department, we have confirmed that signing the Code of Conduct is not mandatory nor will refusal to sign result in discipline.

An update to this information will be posted once discussions with HR are completed.

If you require further information please contact your Unit VP. 

In solidarity,

Sandra Walker, President CUPE Local 5167

City Unit BARGAINING and SUPPORT Surveys


We will be entering negotiations in the near future.  Together WE Stand CA

As always, CUPE 5167 is seeking a fair negotiated settlement that addresses the priorities of our members.

The results of this survey will form the basis of our proposals for bargaining.


Please click on the link and complete the ELECTRONIC SURVEY:

Hard Copies available at the office, call 905-522-0917 or email:



HDLC Committee Election Results

  • Paul Watkins
  • Cathy Sardella
  • Teresa Dawe
  • Sarah Graham
  • Loretta Marshall
  • Lorena Salve
  • Jean Kirby
  • Oral Riseing
  • Ann Jenkins
  • Bill Gordon
  • Julia Horton
  • Deb Stringer
  • Jodi Coville
  • Sandra Walker

Congratulations to the successful elected delegates representing CUPE Local 5167 with the Hamilton District Labour Council!

The Hamilton and District Labour Council is the voice of working people in Hamilton; an assembly of delegates elected by local union affiliates of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). The purpose of HDLC is to bring together local unions so that collectively they can better represent members, defend free collective bargaining, assist in organization and generally improve the quality of life in the city of Hamilton.

Please be advised the next meeting is Thursday, November, 20, 2014 at 6:00pm. HDLC is located at 210-1130 Barton Street East (Barton/Ottawa).

HDLC Website:

5167 Committee Election Results

The Union would like to thank all the candidates and

those who participated in the voting process.

Worker’s Compensation and Return to Work Committee

  • Joe Zdichavsky, Airport Unit
  • Yasmeen Mirza, City Inside Unit
  • George Burdis, City Outside Unit
  • Cathy Pater, DARTS Unit
  • Paula Masys-Pollack, GSWS Unit
  • Teofil Linca, Lodges Unit
  • Ed Wisniewski, RBG Unit

Political Action Committee

  • Rick DiGiantomasso, Airport Unit
  • Ann Jenkins, City Inside Unit
  • Kevin McKinney, City Outside Unit
  • Karinn Goit, DARTS Unit
  • Paula Masys-Pollack, GSWS Unit
  • Pam Currie, Lodges Unit
  • George Weston Jr, RBG Unit

Health and Safety Committee

  • Joe Zdichavsky, Airport Unit
  • Dorothy Heuck, City Inside Unit
  • Robert Parsik, City Outside Unit
  • Cathy Pater, DARTS Unit
  • Jean Kirby, Lodges Unit
  • Dan Bates, RBG Unit

Women’s, Human Rights, and International Solidarity Committee

  • Deb Stringer, City Inside Unit
  • Dave Yardley, City Outside Unit
  • Cathy Pater, DARTS Unit
  • Lorena Salve, Lodges Unit
  • Brian Forester,  RBG Unit

Newsletter Committee

  • Rick DiGiantomasso, Airport Unit
  • Loretta Marshall, City Inside Unit
  • Barry Conway, City Outside Unit
  • Ruth Graves, DARTS Unit
  • Paula Masys-Pollack, GSWS Unit
  • Teofil Linca, Lodges Unit

For Grievance Committee Members please visit the unit pages.