CUPE Local 5167 – Fight Ford – Vote to Protect Our Public Services

Don’t be fooled

by the

Ford Government!

Where is this billion $ budget for MTO plate refunds coming from???

Tell him at the polls in June 2022 that a couple hundred bucks does not buy your vote for another 4 years of health care cuts and cuts to the public services you depend on!

Remember he gave his Government a 14% raise and capped public services at 1% the following week!!

#fightford #protectourpublicservices

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Protect Our Public Services!

Hamilton is our home.

It is a place that we take a lot of pride in, a city that is being recognized as a great place to live, grow and raise a family.

As Hamilton continues to grow, we need to ensure that nobody gets left behind, that the quality public services we all rely on are there for us when we need them.

Ford’s cuts are hurting Hamilton. Since taking office in 2018 the Ford Conservatives have made cuts to health care, including Long-term Care facilities, public health agencies and public services. CUTS THAT HAVE DIRECTLY IMPACTED THE SERVICES YOU PROVIDE! In fact, there has been 5167 job loss as well!

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OFL Ford Tracker Overview – Vote to Protect Our Public Services

Make your vote

Protect Our Public Services!