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You can contact an Executive Board Member by eMail or by calling the CUPE Local 5167 office at 905-522-0917 and entering in the extension of the person you would like to speak with.

Name Position Extension eMail
Sandra Walker President 228
Jay Hunter Vice President 225
Jodi Coville Executive Administrator 229
Oral Riseing Treasurer 308
Gord Farrow 2nd Vice President 227
Ann Jenkins 3rd Vice President 306
Rose MacGowan 4th Vice President 305
Julia Horton Equity Vice President 302
Tracey St. Aubin City Inside Vice President 226
Paul Court City Outside Vice President 224
Bill Gordon Airport Unit Vice President 304
Peter Grove DARTS Unit Vice President 301
Paula Masys-Pollock GSWS President 307
Jean Kirby-Tavares Lodges Unit Vice President 303
Brian Forester RBG Unit Vice President 309
5167 Office Support Staff

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Administrative Assistant,

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Inquiries by Subject

Ann Jenkins,

Health & Safety, Return to Work:

Gord Farrow,


Speak with your Unit Vice President or Jay Hunter,



Julia Horton,

Political Action:

Rose MacGowan


Oral Riseing