PLEASE NOTE ALL STEWARDS NEED TO REAPPLY AS WELL AS ANY MEMBER INSTERESTED IN BECOMING A STEWARD. (Clarity, if you became a steward at any time before today, you still must reapply for the new term.)

Please complete the entire form.

Please note under work location the physical address and area.

For example: 1550 Upper James, Ontario Works or 701 Upper Sherman, Macassa Lodge

Your Unit:


    Self-nomination deadline: Friday, May 24, 2024, 4pm

    Stewards can still attend May and June Stewards Meetings, as well as 1 GMM (May or June) (email the Chief Steward you attended the GMM to verify) to meet obligations. 

    Any questions contact the Chief Steward/Executive Administrator Jodi Coville at:

    Online elections will be organized as required.

    CUPE Local 5167 Bylaws – Approved by NPO October 2022

    Steward Policy Approved by June 2022 GMM