Attention City Unit Members- Update on Mandatory Vaccination Verification Policy

Update August 12, 2022

Hamilton City Council votes 9-4 to suspend the vaccination policy.

Arbitration will proceed in September regarding the policy.

Update June 2, 2022

Please see the attached award.

Award – CUPE – Hamilton – Vaccination Policy – Bifurcation

This award gives the union the ability to argue that termination is a violation of our Collective Agreement prior to arguing the policy as a whole.


Update May 25, 2022:

Council met today and voted 11 to 3 in favour of a motion to move the June 1, 2022 termination date to September 30, 2022.

Members that are unvaccinated or have not disclosed their vaccination status will continue to be required to test.

We will continue to update membership as things unfold.


Posted May 24, 2022:

Attention City Unit Members – Mandatory Vaccination Policy Update

An arbitration hearing was held today in relation to CUPE Local 5167’s policy grievance challenging the planned termination of members who are not compliant with the City’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy.  The Union scheduled this hearing on an expedited basis and was prepared to proceed with its argument that Article 10.3 (g) of the Collective Agreement prevents the City from terminating members who have not complied with the City’s Vaccination Policy.

The Union took all steps available to it to have this matter heard and decided on an expedited basis.  Unfortunately, the City opposed the Union’s efforts to have this matter heard on an expedited basis and we are waiting for a preliminary ruling from the Arbitrator on procedural issues.  Due to the legal position being taken by the City, further arbitration dates will be required before we receive a decision from the Arbitrator regarding whether the City is entitled to terminated people who do not comply with the City’s Vaccination Policy.

Meetings set for grievances to be filed were canceled based on todays update noted above.