Attention City Unit Members – Vaccine Policy Update

City Council GIC voted to suspend the COVID 19 mandatory vaccine policy as recommended by Human Resources on April 20, 2022, it was supported by one vote.

Today, it went to council to ratify; the vote was deadlocked; therefore, the policy remains in place and the employer will proceed as planned.

Please note the local has filed policy grievances and have directed our legal council to contact the employer’s legal council to choose an arbitrator and confirm arbitration dates in May for the policy grievances, as well as the violation of article 10.3 (g). We are going through the expedited arbitration process.

We will continue to keep members updated as information becomes available to us and pursue the avenues available within the scope of the Collective Agreement.

We will file an individual grievance for each member upon contact after June 1, 2022, we cannot file the grievances prior to the actual implementation.

We have attached the grievance fact sheet so members can ensure we have their correct individual information.

Grievance Fact Sheet 2020 Fillable

Please email your Unit Vice President this information:

Greg Dawson, City Outside Vice President:

Tracey Provo, Acting City Inside Vice President:

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