Attention City Unit Employees

The Union met with the Employer where we were advised of the possible changes to the Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Verification Policy, specifically as it relates to the implications to the employment status of our members. The Union argued adamantly against the changes. We have filed a policy grievance against the amendments to this policy.

The Employer’s Amendment to the Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Verification Policy (the policy) is unreasonable, fails to consider less intrusive means to achieve stated policy objectives and contains disproportionate penalties for non-compliance.

Further, the Employer failed to consult with the union, the Joint Health and Safety Committee, and any other committees in the development of the policy.

Individual grievances will be filed if members are terminated June 1, 2022.

Other regions have already terminated employees under similar policies, we should see arbitration decisions coming, we assure you we are monitoring the situation closely.

Our website continues to be the best location to review any updated information.

We are also providing links to the Health Canada Web site, CUPE National, CUPE Ontario that you may find helpful.

Let us conclude by saying we are sorry this unfortunate situation is causing any member stress and concern. Please be aware that if you are struggling you can always call EFAP at 1 800 663 1142

Executive Board