President’s Message – Workplace Protests

Hello 5167ers,

We have received several inquires from our members about the recent social and political action protest carried out by Hamilton Encampment Support Network (HESN) on this past Friday at the Chedoke yard.

Please note CUPE Local 5167 was not aware of this planned protest or involved.

The CUPE flags present were not those of 5167.

Information was provided by HESN regarding work refusal and connecting with their agency.

We want to clarify that any member at any work location that believes they are being asked to carry out work that is unsafe they should contact their Unit Vice President and the 2nd Vice President Ann Jenkins for supports and information about work refusal under the OHSA.

CUPE Local 5167’s priorities are our members and protecting the work of our membership.

We understand our members are doing their job following management’s direction; they are not condoning or condemning the issue of encampment evictions.

We can appreciate community action for affordable housing, however, our priority is our membership.

We encourage all members to come forward and discuss their concerns with their union.

In solidarity,

Jay Hunter

Procedure for a Work Refusal (