Election Committee Update March 22 2021

Election Committee Report to the General Membership

March 22, 2021

Jean Kirby, along with Beverly Brown will be Election Committee Alternates. Alcino Duarte and Greg Halliday will be the two returning officers.

The election committee met last week to determine the process for the 2021 election.

Due to the ongoing restrictions and unpredictable nature of the pandemic, the committee has determined that the upcoming election will be done electronically through Simply Voting.

The committee met with Simply Voting and they will provide a platform that will allow all members in good standing to vote.

The election will be held between June 10-15, 2021.

All members in good standing will need to register to vote electronically.  Through the registration process the committee will be able to confirm that the member is in fact a member of good standing and that they have an email.  Details on how to register will be provided shortly.

For members who do not have access to a computer or smart phone, kiosks will be set up at the union hall on June 14 and 15 with computers to allow for individuals to vote.  This may be affected by COVID 19 restrictions, if you will need assistance with voting electronically, we encourage you to contact the elections committee by emailing:  elections@cupe5167.org

Simply voting will administer the vote and provide all the results.  Members will be provided a vote receipt to confirm that they have voted and that their vote has been counted.

We encourage everyone to ensure they are a member in good standing prior to the May GMM, which will be the last opportunity for membership approval on members in good standing.


Report read by Greg Halliday on behalf of the 2021 Election Committee                                            

Alcino Duarte (Returning Officer)                    

Charity Elliot                                                              

Ruth Graves       

Greg Halliday (Returning Officer)                                                    

Cathy Pater

Deann Smith

Beverly Brown (Alternate)

Jean Kirby (Alternate)