Collective Bargaining & Updates


Hello CUPE 5167 Members,

Please click on the link below to view: What is Collective Bargaining

If you still have questions please email: Or call the office at 905-522-0917 and speak with your Unit VP.

Helpful Information:


Airport Unit:

Collective Agreement expires October 1, 2019.

City of Hamilton Unit:

Collective Agreement expires December 31, 2018.

City Unit Bargaining Team:

Sandra Walker, President

Tracey St. Aubin, City Inside Vice President

Barry Conway, City Outside Vice President

Rob Galloway, City Inside Member

Jason Lucas, City Inside Member,

Robert Bowerman, City Inside Member, Alt

Wes Almas, City Outside Member

Tim Legacy, City Outside Member

Larry Baxter, City Outside Member, Alt

Virginia Stonehouse, City PT Member

Chris Mackenzie, City PT Member, Alt


Currently in bargaining, Inside and Outside.

Info Session & STRIKE Vote – INSIDE Only 2017

RESULTS – Voted Negative -October 16, 2017

GSWS Unit:

Preparing for bargaining.

Collective Agreement expires March 31, 2018

City of Hamilton Lodges Unit:

Collective Agreement expires March 31, 2019.

RBG Unit:

Collective Agreement expires January 15, 2020.

SMH Unit:

Voted 100% to accept the Collective Agreement.

Collective Agreement expired March 31, 2019.