Political Action Committee PAC

     Political Action Committee PAC  PAC

  • Rose MacGowan, 4th Vice President, Chair
  • Rick DiGiantomasso, Airport Unit
  • vacant, City Inside Unit
  • Kevin McKinney, City Outside Unit
  • Marlene Craig, DARTS Unit
  • Patricia Reese, GSWS Unit
  • Lorena Salve, Lodges Unit
  • Ken Botrell, RBG Unit
  • Marie Cantwell, SMH Unit

What does the PAC do?

  • Provide advice on effective lobbying and mobilization on federal, provincial and municipal political issues
  • Encourage members to join and be active in the NDP Party (Labour Friendly!)
  • Labour Day Parade planning and coordinating
  • Supporting other locals on strike to show solidarity
  • Promote the values of the Equality Statement

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