COVID 19 Updates

A message from the President Jay Hunter

CUPE Local 5167 is working with the Employer, Labour Relations and management teams to support the goals and direction of the Provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on our workplaces and the community, we continue to work to resolve publi chealth concerns in relation to the  COVID-19 Coronavirus;

Attention City Unit Members:

This is a fast evolving situation and daily determinations on staffing are occurring. The Employer has decided to wind down many of their operations which has resulted in less staffing requirements. Where possible the employer has also assigned staff to work from home. Unfortunately not all required work can be done remotely.

We understand your concerns with attending the workplace. We have had many discussion with the employer regarding social distancing and personal
safety in the workplace.  We have be working on resolving issues. The employer has provided information on these items and we are happy to hear from you regarding specific  risks your feel you are facing in the workplace.

Attention All Members:

We have also been in contact will all employers. We continue to work through issues.

Please don’t hesitate to contact CUPE Local 5167 with specific risks you feel you are facing and we will address those issues with the employers.

Jay Hunter, President