Election Committee Results


Rick DiGiantomasso (Airport)

Ruth Graves (Darts)

Greg Hicks (City)

John King (City)

Joyce King (Lodges)

Dave Michal (City)

Cathy Pater (Darts)


Teofil Linca (Lodges)

Luisa Smith (City)

Committee Term runs from Jan 2016 – Jan 2018

Election Committee Article 30.10

a) The Election Committee shall be compromised of two (2) returning officers and five (5) committee members plus two alternates for the daily polling station for the two (2) day voting process. The Election Committee shall include members of the local who are neither officers nor candidates for office. The Election Committee shall be elected from the floor at the January monthly general membership meeting prior to the Elections. The votes shall be weighed in order to ensure that the Election Committee shall be compromised of at least one member from each of the six bargaining units unless there are no nominees from one or more bargaining units. All remaining Election Committee positions shall be filled by the remaining nominees who receive the most votes.

b) The Election Committee shall have full power over the election procedure. Further it shall investigate any complaints under Article 21.8 and any other complaints and report its findings with recommendations to the next membership meeting. An email account shall be set up for the Elections committee for their exclusive use immediately after their election and all nominees and members will be advised to submit all complaints or questions to the email account. If a member or nominee submits a complaint in writing instead of email, they shall deliver either to the union office or via National Representatives in a sealed envelope and that sealed envelope will be delivered to the election committee. All complaints regarding the election process must be from the individual who raises the complaint. Further, the election committee shall be provided with a petty cash amount to cover all meals and refreshments for each day of voting.